Ongoing Research Projects

This study is implemented by the Institute of Policy Analysis and Research(IPAR-Rwanda) with funding from the United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA) through Rwanda Country Office. It covers all the 30 districts in Rwanda.

General Objective

The overall purpose of the study is to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the magnitude/prevalence, drivers, perceptions and experiences of adolescent pregnancy, gaps in data and current interventions in addressing adolescent pregnancy and to consequently support knowledge/evidence generation to contribute towards strengthening national efforts and propose strategies to prevent and respond to adolescent pregnancy in Rwanda.

Specific objectives

• Assess the magnitude and prevalence of adolescent pregnancy
• Identify contributing factors of adolescent pregnancy
• Document experiences of pregnant adolescents, adolescent mothers and their families
• Identify challenges faced by pregnant adolescents and adolescent mothers including and in relation to access to social services, reporting and referral
• Explore perceptions of pregnant adolescents and adolescent mothers, teachers, and Isange one stop center staff, health care providers and men/boys, parents, community health workers, FBOs, etc
• Identify key actors involved in adolescent pregnancy prevention and response efforts
• Analyze current laws, policies, practices, and strategies on adolescents’ pregnancy prevention and response.


The study covers all the 30 districts in Rwanda.


United Nations Population Fund(UNPFA).

Cover Photo by UNFPA Rwanda.