Ongoing Research Projects

IPAR Rwanda has been commissioned by the Partnership for Economic Policy(PEP) based in Nairobi, Kenya to conduct a review of youth employment policies in Rwanda which is to build a body of knowledge and evidence that will provide insights to policymakers about emerging trends in the marketplace, real and potential disruptions - including the likely impact of digitalization and automation on youth work prospects - and current and future opportunities. The study is funded by MasterCard Foundation.


• To provide a comprehensive review of youth employment policies and empirical studies of their impact in Rwanda ;
• To provide information and key lessons - on accelerating efforts to create work opportunities for young people, especially young women, as well as marginalized groups ;
• To provide empirical knowledge/ approaches and best practices to inform country-level youth employment policy reviews and strategy development by the Government of Rwanda ;
• To identify key knowledge gaps that will inform the MasterCard Foundation’s research agenda for the future and its research work with other partners on this topic.