Ongoing Research Projects

IPAR-Rwanda with funding from Southern Voice, is implementing a comparative study between Rwanda and Tanzania on assessing Digital Technology Policies and Private Sector Innovations to promote inclusive secondary and tertiary education delivery during and post- Covid-19 pandemic. IPAR-Rwanda is partnering with Economic and Social Research Foundation(ESRF) to conduct the study in Tanzania.

The study was completed at the beginning of 2021 and a draft report was recently submitted to Southern Voice for final review.

The objectives of the study are (i) to determine how access to digitally-enabled secondary and tertiary education can be widened and made inclusive during and beyond COVID-19 crisis ; (ii) to determine innovative ways in which Public-Private-Partnerships can be leveraged to improve access to digitally enabled primary and secondary education ; and (iii) to determine effective and efficient policy measures and strategies that developing countries like Rwanda and Tanzania can implement to reduce the widening digital divide in the education delivery of secondary and tertiary education during and post-Covid-19.

The findings of this study provide evidence-based solutions to harness digital delivery of primary, secondary and tertiary education leveraging the private sector in the medium to long term in the two countries.

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