Ongoing Research Projects

IPAR-Rwanda has been contracted by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN) to conduct an assessment of the recently concluded Vision 2020 and the mid-term evaluation of the National Strategy for Transformation(NST1).

The Government of Rwanda adopted Vision 2020 in 2000 with the overarching purpose of transforming the country into a lower middle – income nation in which Rwandans are healthier, educated and generally more prosperous.

On the other hand, NST1 is a 7-year medium term plan which contributes to the achievement of Rwanda’s Vision 2050. It was adopted in September 2017. NST1 comes at a unique moment in the country’s development trajectory which saw the crossover from Vision 2020 towards Vision 2050.

The aim of Vision 2020 assessment and NST1 mid-term evaluation is to assess progress made in relation to the expected outcomes so far and to identify lessons to inform subsequent planning and implementation.